Python! - download
To run these scripts, you're gonna need to install the latest version of Python.

If you use Windows, Python will probably run the best over Windows PowerShell instead of CMD.
The scripts can be executed by typing "py scriptname.py" when you're in the right directory.
If you wish to read the code, of course you can open them with anything. Notepad, Notepad++, or really any other text editor.


This month I've been getting into object oriented programming way more, and it's paying off.
I'm currently working on two 'major' scripts. Will upload some progress.

Battleship (WIP)

So far a quick practice how to write a small engine/index with big help from the Learn Python 3 the Hard Way book.
Next up is figuring out how to successfully iterate a game board and how to assign it coordinates players can choose from.
And then the big question is gonna be if I'll even be able to make it playable in multiplayer. Since you're not supposed to see the opponent's board and stuff.

DnD Character Sheet Creator (WIP)

Here's something I wanted to try making mainly to practice how file reading/opening/writing works exactly.
Sorry in advance that you have to witness the horrible globial variable mess. I know it's a bad practice, but I'm not super sure how to work with function parameters yet.


Rock Paper Scissors

Another small project. Don't feel like I knew enough new information to make the code as advanced as I wanted it to be.
I still tried to make it as compact as I could by using lists.

Tic Tac Toe

A classic right here. Now available in text based format! It's funny how something can look so simple, but still takes up like 1000 lines of code.
It was kind of a challenge to make the program print "{player} wins!" correctly, but I'm very proud that it works now.

Currency Converter

This was quite fun to make. I picked a few currencies, inserted their values/rates into the script, and tried to make it convert correctly from one currency to another.
It's only gonna be reliable for a few days max, because it's not linked to any online libraries. But it was purely for experimentation, so I don't mind.

Tutorial Island (WIP)

If you've been into online games for a while, then this one must surely ring a bell. I did my very best to recreate the Tutorial Island from RuneScape2 into a text-based version.
It's by no means perfect, and even a week later I realize some things could've been way better, but I'll just finish it the same way I started. No point in reviving old projects when I can try to make new stuff instead.

LP3THW Exercise 5

A friend recommended me the book "Learn Python 3 The Hard Way", so I peeked into the online preview, which includes the first 9 exercises.
I had a bit of fun with the 5th one, so it ended up being a bit longer than it should've been. So it's kind of my first "big" script in Python. Although in retrospect it's not very significant.
The exercises seemed very helpful and well explained, so I decided to buy the full book in the end.