Python Scripts

Some things I made in Python.

Python! 24-10-2017 - [Source Code]

Not so long ago I actually started putting effort into trying to obtain programming as a real skill. In the past I worked with HTML and CSS, but not anything that wasn't related to webdesign. Well, there was also LUA. But I can't really say I knew how to write in it fluently.

Now I am actually focusing on learning Python. If everything succeeds I would really like to do C++, and of course C# and Java, and PhP... One can dream... Although it seems once you know one advanced language it doesn't take too much effort to get used to another. But I'll see how that will work out. At the moment I care the most about Python and C++.

While learning Python I already came up with a few things I could make with it. One of them being a text based RPG. I was having trouble finding inspiration for the story, so in the end I just decided to recreate RuneScape's Tutorial Island in text only. It's not advanced as I would have hoped, but it's still good practice.

Draconequus.com - 24-10-2017 - [Source Code]

About 10 years ago I really got into web designing. I used to run a pretty nice looking website with a then close friend. We were pretty proud of it. And I still am. After we stopped caring about that website, everything on the domain got erased remotedly, and I never actually made a back-up of it. Kind of sad. Since then I haven't really made a website. Sure I uploaded pictures to an otherwise blank page, and hosted a domain mainly for file storing.

When did I get this domain? In like 2012 I think. And I never bothered to make it look neat. Up until now! A few weeks ago I somehow got inspired to pick up web design again. There were some new things to be learned since the release of HTML5 and CSS3.

And that's how this new design was born. I hope people like it. It's nothing too complicated, but I'm happy with how it turned out and it fits the Draconequus theme well. Definitely better than an all blank page!